Our Story

Empowering Learning through Games

When I was in college, always interested in trying something new. I observed kids playing games and parents worrying about their children spending too much time on games. It was then that I came up with the idea to develop games for kids that could be both fun and educational.

However, my educational background was in mechanical engineering and I had no experience in game development, so I struggled to figure out how to bring my idea to life.

After a lot of research, I found a drag-and-drop website that allowed me to develop games and apps online without any coding knowledge. I started developing my first game using this platform, and on January 2019, I launched my math game on Jigar Education Hub. It was a simple game that challenged children to solve math problems while playing a fun game.

The response was overwhelming. Parents, teachers, and educators loved the game and the fact that it helped students learn faster while being entertaining. Encouraged by this success, I continued developing more games, spending countless hours creating new games that would help children learn while having fun.

After receiving some credits from Google Play, I decided to hire a developer and a designer to help me take my games to the next level. Today, Jigar Education Hub has grown into a three-person team, with a dedicated developer, designer, and myself.

Our team is constantly experimenting with new game concepts and designs to ensure that our games are not only educational but also engaging. We have developed a wide variety of games, including math games, memory games, and word games, that have been played by over 2 million users on Google Play.

At Jigar Education Hub, We believe that learning should be fun, and our games are designed to help children develop their skills while enjoying themselves. With our games, parents, teachers, and educators can help their students and kids learn faster in a fun and engaging way. Looking back on my journey, I realize that my background in mechanical engineering did not limit me from creating something I was passionate about. Instead, it gave me the analytical and problem-solving skills necessary to develop educational games that kids love.

I am proud of the impact our games have had on children’s education, and I am grateful for the opportunity to combine my passion for games and education to create something truly unique.